Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Toledo Bend Weekend

We decided to join my family for a last minute trip to Toledo Bend.  It was the Hoover kids fall break, and everyone wanted to take advantage of it.  Ben has been working super hard, and I have had my hands full with the kids so it was a much needed, albeit short, break.
Our humble weekend abode, "The Y Knott Lodge"  Yes, that's Ben up there waving.

Enjoying a nice family paddle.

The BB Monster got him!

Snuggle time with Nonna.

Enjoying the great outdoors and the fire.

Mommy and Will time!

If you look straight ahead, you can see "skull island," aptly named by Ben, Will, Eli, and Ez.

Enjoying the view and time with the fam.

Snuggling up on a chilly night on the lake.  (Love this pic!)

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