Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ayden Comes to Visit

Shrimp (Will) and Chunk (Ayden) playing together.

This weekend we were pleased to have the Byrd family come down from Alexandria to visit and grab some Mexican cuisine at Coyote Blue's. This was the first time we had seen our friends since we moved from Cenla, and we were excited to catch up (both husband's have new jobs) and of course see how each of our little boy's have grown in the past 6 weeks.

While Ben and Lucas acted like little kids playing Nerf guns in the hallway (yes, you heard that right), Will and Ayden got a chance to hangout again. Our babies are so sweet together. They hug/squeeze each other and toss/fling objects back in forth at each other. The best part is listening to them talk. Ayden has the cutest scream, that Lucas likes to refer to as his "whale call" and Will of course is always "ma ma ma-ing" or "ba ba ba-ing." It's been awesome to have friends who we've had a chance to share our first year of parenthood with.

We really miss the Byrds, and am glad that they took time out of their weekend to stop by Lafayette for a visit.

My how big they've gotten.

Somebody's going to sleep well tonight.

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