Monday, March 15, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

As the days go by (and too quickly might I add), our Little Bean doesn't seem to be so little anymore. He is now growing like a weed as he loves to eat real big boy food. You know, the stuff that actually has taste, doesn't come in a jar, and isn't puree'd.

So far, his all time favorite food is grilled cheese. His second favorite has been spaghetti, and today he has found a new favorite in fruit salad. The fruit salad was so good in fact that my sweet boy started licking the whipped cream off of his high chair tray as if he was a dog. I guess watching Lulu clean up after him has influenced his eating habits.

It seems like only yesterday he was spitting his baby food out at me because he didn't quite like it, and now he is eating like a big boy. I am so enjoying watching our sweet baby grow, but I sure do wish time would slow down. It's all happening so fast!

"This is good, and fun! Why did they wait so long to feed me this delicacy they call spaghetti?"

"Now what? I'm stuffed and covered in sauce."

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!

"More please."

Following Lulu's lead. I must admit I encouraged it by laughing and telling him to do it again...Can you see the tongue?

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