Monday, March 29, 2010

Peter Cottontail

"Why do they keep doing this to me?"

Today I took Will to the Acadiana Mall so he could take a picture with good ole' Peter Cottontail. And, no surprise to me, he was equally scared of the Easter Bunny as he was to Santa Clause. As we stood in line to take our picture, Will kept his eyes on the silly rabbit and clung tightly to my neck. The photographer said I could put Will on his lap when I was ready and I told her that it wouldn't be long until the flood gates would open so she should let me know as soon as she was ready to push the button.

She gave us the go ahead and I threw Will on PC's lap, ran behind the camera, and he just stared at the camera in shock. After the flash, Will looked at me with a terrified face, stiffened his body as if to slide out of the Easter Bunny's arms, and reached out for me as if to say, "Mom please save me!" True to form I rushed to him and I kid you not, as soon as the little booger was "safe" in my arms, he looked back at the Bunny and smirked. As we waited for the pictures, Will stared at the Easter Bunny and kept his eyes on him until we walked away.

All in all the trip was another fun memory to put down in the books. It is surely clear that Will still prefers to look and not touch at almost a year old, but who can blame him. Oh the things we will do to our kids for a simple picture.

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