Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zoo Trip #3

The courageous lion.

Will was fascinated with the petting zoo animals... which we didn't let him pet.

What can we say about our third trip to the zoo with Will? First of all, it was a wonderful day to visit the Acadiana Zoo. Perfect weather and not too crowded. Unfortunately, the animals must have scheduled their Spring Break during the weekend, because we were surprised to see very few animals moving around in their enclosures. I guess they were all down in Cancun or at Daytona Beach. Even with the many no-shows, Will still loved seeing the animals that were out and about, and probably, and I'm just guessing here, loved even more the time he got to spend with his both loving and good looking parents.

We love taking Will to the zoo, because he really loves animals. Lately, he has begun to make a few animal noises when you ask him. His favorite is to growl like a tiger (something that will come in handy during football season). He likes the growl noise so much and has gotten so good at it that, that if you ask him what sound dogs and ducks make, he growls in response. As we were walking around the zoo, we would test Will's knowledge of the animal sounds, which leads me up to the funniest thing that happened all day.

We were at the black panther exhibit towards the end of the day, and we noticed that the panther was lying up against the fence, close to where we were standing. We kept pointed at the panther trying to show Will what we were looking at and what sound a panther makes... which is oddly the same sound that a tiger makes. Soon after we showed him, Will got very excited and talkative. He started pointing and saying "bar bar." Krissy and I were so proud, because we thought that he had seen the cat and was trying to say its name or make its sound. I mentioned that Will loves animals, but there is one thing that he loves more than animals, and that's his toy balls. As we scanned the cage, low and behold, within the panther cage was a toy ball for it to play with. Will could have cared less about the animal and was more excited that he found a ball.

I guess it's true that we buy all these things for our babies, and all they really care about are empty boxes and toy balls.

"Who cares about the animals, I like that ball!"

Now that he's getting bigger and able to stand, Will enjoys these special trips even more.

Our smiling tortoise.

Being a little cautious with Dadda near the alligator exhibit.

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