Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Little Monster

In just a few short weeks, Will has tripled the number of teeth in his mouth from 2 to 6. Now when Will smiles, his once adorable gummy smiles have now been replaced with a full set of teeth, just like a little monster.

For a while he only had his lower two middle teeth, but just as we were getting used to his "Billy Bob" smile, Will's four top teeth came in. We were afraid that at first, only his upper canine teeth would come in, causing him to look more like a baby vampire than our sweet angel. But, in a turn of events, the middle teeth decided to make a quick break out and caught up to the others, giving him a full and handsome smile.

Will never complained while all his teeth were coming in (at least we didn't notice him complaining), I think mostly because he quickly realized that with more teeth comes better tasting food.

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