Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cousins Cousins Everywhere!

Over the past few weeks, Will has enjoyed getting to know his crazy cousins, Eli (7), Ezra (5), and Elena (4 months). Eli and Ezra are so good with him, and love to give him non stop kisses. They have had a lot of practice with their baby sister, Elena. Eli tends to call him Little Will, and Ezra likes to call him Willy Billy, or Will the Pill. Elena is fascinated by him only when he has a bottle or a "doddy" (paci) in his mouth. She always looks at him like she's trying to figure out a way to steal them. It's so cute. I love that we are so close to both of our families and Will gets to grow up with his cousins. What a blessing.

Since I am posting about all the cousins on my side, I wanted to say that my Mom has been lucky enough to have seen all four of these beautiful babies being born into this world. Not many people can say that, and according to her (and my Dad), there is nothing in the world more precious than their grandchildren.

I just thought that was pretty special, and wanted to share.

Eli loving on Will

Ezra and Will staring at each other.

My mom, Elena (4 months), Will (1 week), and me.

The crazy cousins, otherwise known as the loves of my life (next to Ben and Will of course)

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