Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tummy Time!

It's our new favorite time of the day! We still like bedtime, and we'll never pass on dinnertime or lunchtime. Don't get me wrong, I love having him lay in my arms during feeding time, and who doesn't enjoy being close to their baby during nap time. It's close to playtime, but for a four week old's parents, it's the best time!

Tummy time, or as I like to call it "As good as it gets to wrestling around on the floor time" brings the biggest smile to both mine and Krissy's faces. We get Little Bubba (Krissy's been calling him this recently) on to his Boppy in the middle of the floor, and ever so gently turn him from his back to his front. Will loves it! He streches his little body (now more than 7.5 lbs), pushes with his feet into a crawling position, and works out his neck muscles. The best is the little grunts he makes as he attempts to do a push up. While in Lafayette, Lulu even tried helping him out. Kind of like a momma bird tending to her chick in the nest.

Here are some of recent tummy time shots.

Will trying to escape his Boppy. Yes, those are socks on his hands.

Will looks like he's laughing as Lulu does her best tummy time impression.

Tummy time has its perks, like having your thumb easily accessible to suck on.

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