Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heaven Sent

Ben and I have been loving Will! He is such a good little boy (except at night when he thinks it's play time). We have done a great job sharing duties, one of us will change diapers or manage bottles, while the other takes care of late feedings or helps with cleaning. We have really become a great team together! Luckily Ben's work has allowed him to take paternity leave to let us transition into being the best parents we can be, and my Mom has spent several days in Alexandria to teach us the ropes. It's taken some time, but we're getting a hang of this parent thing. It still feels so surreal that he's finally here!

We are looking forward to Saturday, when Ben's Grandpa will be in town. Will is his first great-grandchild, and when he gets here, we'll have four generations of Pierce men under one roof!

Until next time, here is a photo Ben took of Will. I'd seen these types of photos taken of other babies, and wanted to try it ourselves. Next time, we'll make sure he is good and tired before the shoot.

A cranky boy from Heaven

Sweet boy loves his paci

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  1. Oooohhhh!!!! SO cute you guys! He is adorable and what a great pic idea. Good work on such a quick labor Krissy- you are so lucky!!!

    Glad to hear things are going well. Keep working with him, he will evewntually get his days and nights straight. Keep the great pics and lots of details coming!
    Love you all!!!