Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Pierce Boys

Four generations of Pierce men, 1925, 1953, 1982, and 2009.

Sorry it has taken us so long to update. As you can understand, our lack of postings is due to our new priority in life, and is definitely not a reflection on a lack of things happening with us. In fact, we have tons of new stories to share about our new life with Will, which hopefully we will find time to post.

This past weekend we were lucky to have my Grandpa Ed come down from Michigan to meet his first great grandchild. It was both a joyous and somber occasion. As some of you may know, my Grandma Jo passed away last August, and it's been tough on him and the family. You could tell that she was on his mind as he was meeting Will. My Grandpa was so sweet with Will, even though he felt a little uncertain about the whole holding him thing, and was proud to finally have a new addition to the family.

For me in particular, this event was also difficult, because of my own memories about my Grandma. She wanted so much for me and Krissy to have a child. She was the biggest proponent of the idea. The news of our pregnancy was also the last thing I told her before she passed. Even as sick as she had gotten, she found the strength to sound so excited about the fact that she would be a great-grandma. I really feel that she is one of Will's guardian angels.

Even with all of the reality of the situation, we really had a great visit, full of stories and laughs, some good pizza and a nice hike in the woods.

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  1. So great! Glad you all had a great visit! MORE pictures and stories, please! :)

    I know its hard to find time- those little ones take up a lot of your time!You will be so glad down the road that you have this blog. I look back at Olivia's often and it means so much.
    Hope all is well and you are enjoying your time with little Will. Thinking of you guys as always